Scissor Lift Malaysia: Full Guide Before You Rent or Buy One

Looking to rent or buy scissor lifts in Malaysia? Scissor lifts are increasingly essential across various industries, from construction to entertainment. Imagine a scenario where a team in Kuala Lumpur is setting up for a major event at the Petronas Twin Towers. Traditional ladders wouldn’t suffice, but a scissor lift provides the perfect solution, allowing workers to reach high places safely and efficiently. 

This article will explore scissor lifts, their applications, safety measures, advantages, how to choose the right one, and the 2 types of scissor lifts suitable for the Malaysian market.

scissor lift malaysia

What is a Scissor Lift ?

A scissor lift is a type of platform used to lift workers to higher places for tasks like construction and maintenance. It gets its name from the way its supports expand and contract like scissors. These lifts can be powered by hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical systems.

The scissor lift was invented in the early 1900s, and over the years, it has become much more advanced and safe. Today, it is an essential tool in many industries, especially in Malaysia’s growing construction and maintenance sectors.

10 Common Scissor Lift Components

Disclaimer: The scissor lift images above are taken from the AHI company and show common scissor lift components for reference purposes only. The components may or may not be present depending on the scissor lift you choose. Therefore, please consult your vendor before renting or buying.

2 Types of Scissor Lifts: Manual vs Self-Propelled

What is Manually-Propelled Scissor Lift?

Manually-propelled scissor lifts require human effort to move and position. They are typically more compact and are suitable for tasks that do not require frequent repositioning.

Example of Manually-Propelled Scissor Lift

Take the manually propelled UB Quick Lift mini scissors made by the AHI group, for example. Their manually propelled scissor lifts are the smart alternative to ladders and scaffolds. They are designed to be very safe, perform excellently, easy to use, highly reliable and economical to use over a long period.

It is perfect for workers who need safe, vertical access up to 5.9 meters high. These lifts fit through standard doorways and can be operated easily by one person. In Malaysia, they are used in various environments such as warehouses, supermarkets, department stores, offices, hotels, restaurants, construction fields, railway stations, subways, shopping malls, aircraft maintenance, sporting venues, auditoriums, art galleries, hospitals, universities and schools.

scissor lift manual propelled

21 Key Features

UB / UBL Series

scissor lift ubl5


scissor lift ubl8


scissor lift ub6


scissor lift ub8


scissor lift ub10


scissor lift ub12


Model UBL6 UBL8 UB6 UB8 UB10 UB12

What is Self-Propelled Scissor Lift?

Self-propelled mini scissor lifts come with motors, allowing them to be driven to different locations.  They are more versatile and efficient for tasks that require frequent repositioning, making them ideal for larger or more dynamic work environments.

Example of Self-Propelled Scissor Lift

Take the self-propelled UBM Quick Lift mini scissors, made by the AHI group, as an example. They allow operators to work safely and continuously at heights up to 5.9 metres when frequent platform repositioning is required. The operator can control the movement in all directions directly from the elevated platform.

The self-propelled UBM Quick Lift mini scissor lift, with its compact footprint and tight turning radius, is perfect for tasks that require precise positioning in confined spaces. While the application environments are similar to those of the manually-propelled series, these lifts are ideal for larger facilities, such as Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where maintenance and repairs often require quick and frequent repositioning.

scissor lift self propelled

6 Unique Features

Other Key Features

UBM Series

scissor lift ubm6


scissor lift ubm8


scissor lift ubm10


Model UBL6 UBL8 UB6 UB8 UB10 UB12

How to Choose the Right Scissor Lift in Malaysia ?

Load Capacity

  • Ensure the lift can handle the combined weight of workers and materials.
  • For example, typical scissor lifts can hold between 230 to 900 kg.

Height Requirements

  • Select a lift that meets the height needs of your tasks.
  • For example, scissor lifts from AHI have working heights ranging from 3.5m to 5.9m, offering flexibility to choose the right model for your task.

Safety Features

  • Examine the safety features included with the scissor lift, such as automatic braking systems, tilt sensors, and emergency descent mechanisms.
  • For example, AHI’s scissor lifts have an emergency stop button, tilt alarm, flashing light, and other safety features to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.
scissors lift safety


  • Consider the type of terrain where the lift will be used, such as smooth indoor floors or rough outdoor ground.

Lift Size and Portability

  • Consider the dimensions of the scissor lift, including its width and length, to ensure it can navigate narrow aisles, doorways, or confined spaces.
  • For example, all AHI scissor lift models are designed to pass through standard 2-metre doorways, making them suitable for tight working areas and locations with floor weight restrictions.

Battery Life and Charging Time

  • Evaluate the battery life and the time required to recharge electric scissor lifts.
  • Longer battery life and shorter charging times can increase productivity by minimizing downtime, especially in environments where continuous operation is essential.

6 Common Uses of Scissor Lifts in Malaysia

Scissor lifts are versatile tools with applications in various industries:

Construction Industry

Used for tasks like building maintenance, window cleaning, and high-reach installations.


Essential for inventory management, stacking, and shelving, helping workers reach high storage areas safely.

Entertainment Industry

Utilised for stage setup, lighting adjustments, and equipment management in theatres and concert venues.


Useful for assembling large equipment, managing overhead conveyor systems, and maintaining factory ceilings and lighting fixtures.


Used to install and maintain communication towers, antennas, and overhead cables.

Other industries:

Suitable for any industry that requires technicians to work at significant heights, ensuring safety and efficiency in both indoor and outdoor environments.

6 Safety Measures When Using Scissor Lift

Safety is crucial when using scissor lifts. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers guidelines to ensure safe operation. Here are 6 key safety measures:

Training: Ensure operators receive proper training, and are familiar with the equipment, how to operate it safely, and recognize potential hazards.

Pre-operation Inspections: Conduct inspections before use to check for mechanical issues, fluid levels, and tyre conditions. Ensure guardrails are in place and functioning correctly.

Load Limits: Do not exceed the manufacturer’s specified load limits as overloading can cause the lift to tip over or fail.

Positioning: Place the lift on a stable, level surface to prevent tipping or use stabilizers or outriggers if necessary.

Movement: Lower the platform to the base level before moving the lift to maintain stability and do not drive the lift with the platform elevated.

Emergency Procedures: Be aware of and follow emergency procedures, including knowing how to use the emergency stop and lowering mechanisms.

6 Advantages of Using Scissor Lifts


Scissor lifts save time compared to traditional ladders or scaffolding, allowing workers to reach elevated areas quickly and safely.


They can be used in various environments, from indoor maintenance to outdoor construction, and they adapt to different heights and load requirements.


Scissor lifts can access areas that ladders and scaffolding can't, making them essential for tasks like maintaining high ceilings, working on building exteriors, and reaching overhead equipment.

Worker Safety

Scissor lifts offer a stable and secure platform for workers, significantly reducing the risk of falls and injuries. Safety features like guardrails, emergency stop buttons, and load sensors ensure a safer working environment compared to traditional methods.


Although the initial cost is high, scissor lifts can lower overall project costs by improving efficiency and saving time. Their durability and versatility allow them to be used for many different tasks, reducing the need for multiple types of equipment.

Precision and Control

Scissor lifts offer precise vertical movement and positioning, which is important for tasks requiring careful alignment or detailed work, such as installing fixtures, wiring, or conducting inspections.

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