Top Scope is a certified installer and distributor based in Malaysia that has been providing the Latchways Fall Protection System since the 1990s. The engineered fall protection system includes  Horizontal Lifelines, Vertical Lifelines, Overhead Lifelines, WinGrip Vacuum Anchors and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as SRLs, PRDs, Body Harness, and Lanyards.

Horizontal Lifelines can be designed to serve as either a fall restraint or fall arrest system and can be securely fixed to RC, steel structures, or metal deck roofs. The system is highly adaptable to suit any site layout. TopScope has installed Latchways systems in diverse locations such as oil rigs, glass and ETFE canopies, roofs with metal deck standing seam and KlipLok profiles, high-rise buildings, and industrial facilities.

Vertical lifelines are primarily installed at ladders, electrical, and telecommunication towers, and TopScope can also fabricate custom ladders to meet specific building access requirements.
TopScope’s PPE range includes a wide variety of products such as full-body harnesses, energy-absorbing lanyards, Self-Retracting Lanyards (SRLs), and Personal Rescue Devices (PRDs).
Additionally, TopScope offers WinGrip vacuum anchors for aircraft manufacturing and MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul services companies) to enhance their safety and work efficiency.

Horizontal Lifeline, LRT Aesthetic Envelope

Menara Mitraland

Horizontal Lifeline, Menara Mitraland

Latchways ClimbLatch, Malikai TLP Flareboom

​Horizontal Lifeline on Overhead Crane, ALCOM

Constant Force Post (CFP), Pinewood Malaysia Studios

Constant Force Post (CFP), SPR, Putrajaya

Vertical Lifeline on ladder

Horizontal Lifeline, LRT Aesthetics Envelope

Constant Force Post (CFP), MRT Sg. Buloh Station

ClimbLatch, Sunway Clio Hotel

ClimbLatch, Sunway Pinnacle