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Since 1984, TopScope (M) Sdn. Bhd. has been a leader in the development and provision of innovative Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) in Malaysia. Our cutting-edge BMUs are designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of high-rise building maintenance, significantly improving both their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. This dedication ensures the enduring beauty and safety of Malaysia’s architectural landmarks.

What is a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)?

A Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) is a mechanical system designed to facilitate access to the exterior façades of high-rise buildings for maintenance and repair purposes. These units, often custom-built, provide a secure and stable platform from which maintenance tasks such as window cleaning, façade repairs, painting, and inspection can be safely performed.

In urban areas where manual maintenance poses risks, BMUs provide a safe alternative. Their importance is especially significant in Malaysia’s harsh weather, which can rapidly degrade building exteriors.

4 Main BMU Components

TopScope BMUs are equipped with state-of-the-art components:

Cradle: Ergonomically designed for safety and comfort.

Hoist: Engineered for smooth operation and durability.

Jib: Provides extended reach for complex architectural designs.

Trolley: Ensures seamless movement along tracks customized for each building’s roof.

BMU - Prime Minister's Office 2

5 Common BMU Services

Painting & Coating

Protecting building exteriors against Malaysia’s humid and rainy climate.

Windows Cleaning

Ensuring clear, streak-free facades on buildings like premium office towers and luxury condominiums.

Window Replacement & Repairs

Addressing the high wear and tear due to environmental conditions.

Sealant & Gasket Replacement

Essential for maintaining the weatherproofing of window frames and building joints, especially in climates with frequent rain or high humidity.

Facade Inspections & Repairs

Regularly scheduled to prevent long-term damage from tropical weather.

4 Common BMU Types

Temporary Units

Ideal for short-term projects with easy setup and dismantling.

Permanent Units

Custom-built solutions designed for lifetime use on specific buildings.

BMU Ground Operated Unit

Ground-Operated Units

Enhancing safety with ground-level controls.

Roof-Operated Units

Providing complete coverage for larger structures is essential for comprehensive maintenance tasks.

Our BMU's Projects in Malaysia

BMU 30m Telescopic Jib, Menara MITI

BMU 30m Telescopic Jib, Menara MITI

BMU 19 m Telescopic Jib, The RuMa Hotel & Residences

BMU 11m Jib with GRU, Suasana PjH, Putrajaya

BMU 11m Jib with GRU, Suasana PjH, Putrajaya

BMU 10m Luffing Jib with GRU, Menara Prudential, TRX

BMU 9m Jib, 3 Towers

BMU 24m Telescopic Jib, New World Hotel, Petaling Jaya

BMU 3m Jib with GRU, Ministry of Transport

BMU (Trackless), Prime Minister’s Office

BMU - Prime Minister's Office 2

BMU Luffing Jib, Prime Minister’s Office

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  1. Established Expertise: Leading Malaysian facade access provider since 1984.

  2. Full Spectrum Services: From exterior BMUs to interior access systems.

  3. Safety-Centric: Certified MSA Latchways distributor, adhering to EN, BS, ISO standards.

  4. Prestigious Track Record: A history of servicing landmark buildings and major sectors.

  5. Quality Assurance: Committed to the highest safety and quality in the industry.

  6. Personalized Support: Ready to offer detailed, customized building maintenance solutions.


A leading company in Malaysia since 1984 for designing, supplying, installing, and servicing facade access and safety lifeline solutions.

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433b, Jalan 5/46, Gasing Indah, 46000
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Fax: 03-7783 6723
Phone: 03-7783 6722

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